Howling through the ages

The center and thrust of Psalm 23 is the phrase “for you are with me.”  I love that phrase because I know that God is with me and he’s with our family through every age and stage.  The following poem is a fun example of the stages a family goes through.  It’s written from the perspective of our youngest, Timmy, as he observes the changes taking place in his oldest brother and how he perceives my response as a mother.  I hope that whatever stage of life you’re in, you will find comfort knowing that God is with you. 


My brother is a werewolf.

This is how I know.

He sleeps all day and can’t get up.

He can barely lift a toe.


He’s energized by moonlight,

he comes alive at night.

I thought I heard him howl.

It gave me such a fright.


His body is real hairy.

It’s such a scary sight.

What happened to my brother?

Will this one day be my plight? 


He has wires on his teeth,

for cutting prey, I’m sure.

Signs like “Do Not Enter”

Are plastered on his door.


His language is diminished.

He grunts more than he talks.

His appetite’s unending

He eats and never stops. 


He blocks out human noises,

with headphones on his ears.

The sound of human chatter,

is something that he fears.


He wears a hood inside the house,

to mask his werewolf features.

I hope he doesn’t eat me.

He is a frightening creature!


The boy must be a werewolf!

It’s the only explanation.

I’ll have to tell my mother,

about this monster designation.


But should I bother mommy,

about her teenage boy?

She always looks so tired.

I think someone stole her joy.


She claims that she is “thinking”

as she stares off into space.

She says she never sleeps,

There’s exhaustion on her face.


Something’s going on here…

With my brother and my mommy.

He’s a teenage werewolf.

And she might be…a zombie!


I am only seven.

I’m just a little guy.

Growing up seems scary,

and adulthood makes me sigh.


I’ll be sure to say my prayers tonight,

for my brother and my mommy.

I’ll ask God to protect me,

from the werewolf and the zombie







Patricia Batten